Asian Tourism International and Asian Healthcare is  basically is a renown healthcare facilitator and Medical Tourism company having registered under Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism-Bangladesh .

Asian Healthcare is Organizing Free OPD health camp, CME, Seminar, Telemedicine In Bangladesh in association with several Indian and Bangladeshi Hospitals.

We have been working last 15 years in Medical Tourism sector in Bangladesh in associated with several International and Indian Hospitals Group like Fortis Healthcare-India, Gleneagles Global Hospital India,  Manipl Health Enterprise, MAX Supper Specialty  Hospitals India, Apollo Hospitals Bangalore, and KPJ Healthcare-Malaysia under Healthcare Facilitator agreement. Last few years we have been serving hundreds of India going patients providing confirm Doctors Appointment, Medical Visa Service & Visa Invitation, Esteemed  treatment cost package, Telemedicine, Patients Airport pick-up, booking Hospitals & Accommodation in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. We have huge car and Ambulance in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bombay Airport to transfer our patients immediately who have provide us flights details and respective medical reports. We have online system of Indian and Bangladeshi Air-Ticket, Air Ambulance, Hotel, Guest House booking, Bus booking, Rent a Car, and Package Tour Facilities.

We have some Bangkok and Malaysia Going Patients also. Different Bangladesh patients Choose different City / Different Hospitals. Some patients wants to go only Chennai, Some patients likes Bangalore, Some likes nearest Kolkata and Delhi. We see some patients like Fortis Hospitals, Gleneagles Global Some likes Maniple, Apollo Hospitals several brand. From our website Medical patients can easily choose his proper doctor, proper hospitals, Treatment package, Booking of Hotel, Air-ticket, Bus, Train ticket. Tourist can book their tour package.

Free OPD: we are organizing  per month free OPD camp, CME, seminar atseveral hospitals in Chittagong and Dhaka-Bangladesh.Every month we are referring more than hundreds patients to India and abroad.. Every year many of our referral patients is visiting to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore for treatment purpose. We are helping them as our duty.

History: We have  Started First Medical Tourism service from Chittagong Division in associate with Apollo hospital Chennai. Now most of the Indian Brand hospitals has become our partner. You may know that Chittagong is the richest business area and the port City in Bangladesh. But there are no world class corporate hospitals here. That is why last 15 years we started working. we have been working  at the corporate healthcare referral sector in Chittagong , Bangladesh by organizing per month free OPD medical camp, providing world class healthcare information, treatment costing, and telemedicine service to the local patients in association with our partner foreign Hospital.  Now we are the largest healthcare Facilitator Company in Chittagong region, we have Started our medical tourism service in Dhaka from 2014. Now ASIAN TOURISM INTERNATIONAL is one of the biggest Healthcare Facilitator company in all over Bangladesh.

Office: We have  a 2000 Square feet Healthcare Information Office Space in Chittagong,  with 1 conference Room, 5 Doctors consultation Room, 01 Front desk and 01 Travel Desk in the most hospital area:  981 O.R. Nizam Road, GEC Circle, Panchlaish, Chittagong, Bangladesh, beside Govt. Chittagong medical college Hospital, Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital, Medical Centre Hospital, Royal Hospital in  -Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Dhaka Office: Our Dhaka Office is in Haque Chamber 7th Floor, Panthapath, Dhaka Beside Saminnita Hospital.

Our Services As a Healthcare Facilitator:

1) Organize Free OPD health camp approved by health Ministry and BMDC,

2) Visiting Foreign Doctor’s Govt. Registration,

3) Healthcare Facilitator Service (HCF)

4) Hospital Management consultancy

5) Healthcare Marketing & Promotion

6) Healthcare Branding,

7) Advertisement in newspaper and T.V Scroll,

8) CME,

9)  Scientific Seminar

10) Telemedicine Service,

11) Treatment costing Package / Health Check-up Package.

12) Running Patients Referral Center in Chittagong and Dhaka.

13) Emergency Indian Medical Visa Process for patients

14) Air Ticket & Air Ambulance

15) Airport Pick-up and ambulance service.

16) Booking Accommodation, Hotel, and Guest House.

17)    Local Food and Logistics support,

18)   Event Management (press meet Etc).

Most of Our referral  Patients are form following  specialties:

  1. Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine)
  2. Orthopedics and Joint replacement.
  3. Oncology.
  4. Surgical Gastroenterology, Colorectal Surgery.
  5. Urology, Nephrology and Transplant,
  6. Cardiology and cardiac surgery.
  7. Gynecological Robotic surgery.


Our OPD Campaign specialties are:

  1. Spine and Neurosurgery
  2. Orthopedics (Knee replacement, hip replacement, foot reconstruction surgery)
  3. Oncology and bone Marrow transplant.
  4. Cardiology and cardiac surgery
  5. GST Surgery & Liver transplant.
  6. Nephrology & Kidney transplant.
  7. Urology
  8. Gynecological Robotic surgery


Our Work experience: 

  1. We have a 2000 SQ feet consultation center in Chittagong. In our consultation center we are organizing per month CME, Free OPD, symposiums, conference jointly with our associated International hospitals .Patients of Chittagong and from the whole Bangladesh come to our health campaign. Our associated foreign Hospitals are collecting surgery patients, transplant patients, oncology Patients through the free OPD campaign.
  2. Many of our local Doctors, big hospitals and Diagnostic center, local hospitals staffs, medical representative, Pharmacist, GP doctors are working with us through health camp and patients referral system. It is a colorful get-together of patients & doctors.
  3. After every OPD campaign in Dhaka & Chittagong some referral  patient is going for medical treatment  to our Associated International Hospitals in abroad. Accordingly we have treated  more than 10,000 patient in  Chittagong & Dhaka last 10 years by free of OPD Heath Camp.
  4. In our medical center our associated International Hospitals can organizing CME, symposiums, conference for local Specialties Doctors, GP doctors, medical representative which is helping to develop their referral market in Bangladesh.
  5. We have arrange a discount agreement with Air in Chittagong & Dhaka to Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi Route to carrying our patients with discounted fare code .After that our patients  has increased from Bangladesh.

We therefore pray and Hope that your honor would be kind enough to Choice ASIAN TOURISM INTERNATIONAL as yours Medical Tourism operator in to India.